Taking Care of your Home

Taking Care of your Home

Understanding the apprehensions of families who leave their homes unattended for long periods, Skylight Homes has decided to extend their expertise to the home care segment as well, with Skylight Home Support. Occupants at Skylight's residential projects can now entrust Skylight Home Support to take care of their home in their absence. If required, we shall arrange to lease your home to ideal occupants, collect the monthly rentals and deposit the same in your account. We also undertake various utility bill payments of electricity, water, telephone, mobile, house taxes etc.

The Skylight Homecare package which take care of Interiors and after sales care is all a part of our everyday commitment to providing quality homes and outstanding service without compromise. Regardless of whether you choose to live in your Skylight Home or not, it can be taken care as earnestly as you would yourself. A nominal fee is all that it costs you to avail of these services.



What is Home Care?


Home care is a service option offering broad ranges of utilities care and support services, provided in your home. It provides assistance in day-to-day activities for a complete comfortable stay.




Types of Home Care Services that may be available in your Apartment.


Skylight homes believe clients are a high priority, and we work hard to earn their confidence and trust during the transaction, but our service doesn't stop there. At Skylight Homes, Home Care takes care of all the clients after the sale by providing the following plans:



Rent Out Options


Our exclusive service of renting out option will help you to earn extra revenue from your investment. We will select and screen the clients before introducing to you, so that your investment will be protected without any legal hassles and will earn you some extra revenue from the same.



House Keeping


Our maintenance personnel will be pleased to undertake following works:

  • House cleaning
  • Pest Control
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Carpentry and Masonry jobs
  • Painting and Gardening jobs




Payment of bills


For our clients we will provide timely payment of following bills:

·         Electric bills

·         Telephone bills

·         Association dues

·         Other bills